In early July, the Koch brothers announced their intention to spend $300M to $400M on the 2018 Congressional elections.

Make no mistake about it, we are in a battle for our democracy, against a well-funded opposition dedicated to eliminating social programs of all kinds (for example, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) opposing universal health care, and reducing taxes for the wealthy.

I have no problem with people being financially successful, but I resent, and will resist, those who attempt to buy my country’s government. This must change or we will have a democracy in name only.

I seek support from real people, not special interests. Please support my campaign to reverse this disturbing trend, and help us take back the 23rd Congressional District.  To donate , click on the “Donate Now” icon, below,  or send a check payable and addressed to :

Max Della Pia for Congress
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The largest personal contribution, by law, is $2700 per election.  The Democratic primary and the 2018 Congressional election, each count as separate elections.  So, the maximum individual contribution is $5400.

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