Max will stand up in Congress for a dynamic, forward-looking, fiscally responsible economic policy that not only maximizes opportunity for entrepreneurs, workers, and investors but also protects our family farms and vineyards.

Max started his own law firm, and knows, first-hand, how hard it is to start a small business, grow a company, meet a payroll, and balance budgets. Max will work to ensure Congress supports our communities’ small businesses, reduces unnecessary regulations, and helps them to:  grow; create good-paying jobs, with benefits; and to compete globally.Click here to Read More


If we are to restore our democracy to one that works for the hard-working men, women, and families of New York’s 23rd Congressional District, we need to insist on integrity and transparency in government.Click here to Read More


It’s time to move beyond the tired, partisan debate over health care policy, agree on some basic principles, and solve problems.Click here to Read More


Max will fight for our civil liberties to ensure that every American is free to determine the course of their own life so long as they don’t harm others.  Max will fight to protect LGBTQ rights under the  law. Click here to Read More


Max will defend women’s access to contraception and a woman’s right to choose and fight any legislation or executive action that would allow insurance companies to discriminate against women.Click here to Read More



Max is committed to Israel’s security as a homeland for the Jewish people and to strengthening the historic bond between the United States and Israel.Click here to Read More


Max served in the military for most of his adult life, as an officer, pilot, and commander.  He is a student of history who understands the complexity of international affairs and knows the human costs of short-sighted, escalation of military action, without a clear objective, or exit strategy.  In Congress, Max will push for a tough, smart foreign policy that protects our national security while avoiding reckless, destabilizing missteps.Click here to Read More


While our military members serve, we have a responsibility to make sure they have the resources they need to fight and win, against our enemies. When they return home from deployment injured or disabled, or when they return to civilian life, we need to provide them with the resources they need to successfully transition, to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to prevent soldier suicides, and to obtain prompt, high-quality treatment for their health needs and injuries.Click here to Read More


Our country decided long ago that America’s seniors would not be neglected or forgotten. A civilized, prosperous nation cannot abandon its elders to destitution or homelessness, or allow them to go without health care. Medicare and Social Security are vital programs that reflect our values and our commitment to honor and support seniors.


Max opposes the curtailment or rolling back environmental regulations that protect the safety of our air and water.Click here to Read More


Max will work to make college more affordable. Student debt should not prevent young Americans from saving, investing in their careers, or reaching their potential. Max will work to reduce the burden of student debt on young Americans.Click here to Read More


When it comes to crime in America, we need to rethink our priorities. Violent crime, murder, rape, human trafficking, and corruption are rampant, while we spend billions locking up nonviolent drug offenders. It just doesn’t make sense.Click here to Read More


Political corruption, organized crime, influence peddling, and U.S. taxpayer-funded acquisition failures and cost over-runs, need to be rooted out.Click here to Read More

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